Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment


Please view the requirements page for more details, and ensure the screen is zoomed to exactly 100% before you log-in.


You must not

  • use calculators, mobile phones, prepared notes, dictionaries or spell checkers
  • access other programs or websites during the assessment
  • look at other students' screens
  • disrupt other students taking the assessment

You may

  • use blank working-out paper, pens, pencils and erasers
  • skip questions and come back to them later
  • use the full time allocated to finish each assessment

You must

  • read and accept the Student agreement that is listed below
  • enter your username and your password and tick 'I accept the Student agreement' to login
  • return all working-out paper to the assessment supervisor before you leave

Student agreement

  • I agree not to leave the assessment site during the assessment period.
  • I acknowledge that attempts to access other sites, use other applications or access calculators will be recorded.
  • I do not have any unauthorised materials in my possession, including mobile phones, Bluetooth/wireless/photographic/audio or web-enabled devices, headphones, calculators, dictionaries, thesauruses or notes.
  • I will not disrupt other students. I will not visit other websites if I finish the assessment early.
  • I understand that this is an assessment of my ability and any actions that I take to gain an unfair advantage will be considered a breach to this student agreement.
  • I understand that penalties apply to a breach to this student agreement, such as the cancellation of results for this assessment component.

You may test your systems by using the practice tests.

  • Login: [Your school ID]
  • PIN: prac14